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Data Center

Our TIER 3 data center meets all security and performance standards and
has been running interference-free for more than six years. 

High-speed connections and the best security possible

The InterNetX first-class data center in Munich fulfills all the requirements of a modern high-security data center. Our high-end equipment complies with the highest standards in climate, electric  and security technology. The InterNetX backbone provides a multiple redundant connection, leaving no performance wishes to be desired.

Your energy saving bonus – up to 30% less consumption

Thanks to our energy-efficient cold aisle containment you will save up to 30% on energy costs compared to conventional solutions.

Ecological electricity supply – 100% hydro power

The power for the infrastructure components in the InterNetX Tier 3 Data Center is supplied 100% through hydropower. This is assessed and certified by TÜV-Süd (CMS Standard Generation EE+).

InterNetX Data Center – DE-CIX Enabled Site

The InterNetX Data Center in Munich is a "DE-CIX Enabled Site" offering DE-CIX services such as DirectCLOUD, GlobePEER, GlobePEER Remote and MetroVLAN directly on site.

  • Total IT floor space: 1.100 m², additional side and utility rooms
  • Excellent electric and climate performance
  • Redundant IP connection
  • Energy-efficient cold aisle containment
  • The power for the infrastructure components is supplied 100% through hydropower

  • Only renowned components used
  • Redundant glass fiber feed delivered by various suppliers for physical access lines
  • Segmentation of networks and strict division of data streams
  • Network surveillance by own Network Operation Center
  • Daily backup of own systems
  • Implementation of firewalls at relevant network points

  • Own DarkFibre City Ring - connection to POPs INXS and DeCIX Muc 1
  • M-net
  • Deutsche Telekom
  • Global Access
  • Level3
  • Multiple redundant connections via the InterNetX backbone


  • Free-standing building in business area with commercial companies without industrial operations, no disturbance through emissions
  • No direct buildings on property borders
  • Inconspicuous location in Euroindustriepark
  • Good traffic connections (A9/city center)
  • Alarm system with breakdown and hierarchies, door locks with contact surveillance
  • Biometric access control systems with room surveillance via motion sensors and cameras
  • Positioned above ground level – optimal protection against water, radiation, vandalism etc.
  • Outsourced technical parks
  • Extensive earthing net and lightning protection in compliance with VDE (German Electrical Engineering Association) regulations with controlled low bleeder resistor
  • Car license plate and personal identity verification


  • 24 x 365/366 security
  • Access permission with fingerprint
  • Closed-circuit video surveillance throughout building
  • Personal access control via turnstile system
  • Biometric access control systems (fingerprint and palm vein scan) with room surveillance via motion sensors and cameras
  • Alarm system with breakdown and hierarchies, door locks with contact surveillance 
  • Monitoring with two independent fire alarm systems
  • Signal line for surveillance of individual rooms and areas with smoke alarm, i.e. dual alarm
  • Fire prevention with early warning system (VESDA) via CIE (type Zetfas)
  • F90 fire walls and doors
  • Optical smoke alarms / dual alarms / ionization alarms on ceilings and false floors
  • Fire-extinguishing system with compressed gas (type INERGEN)
  • Building with surrounding areas meeting F90 quality
  • Elevation height: approx. 1,05 m
  • Load capacity of false floors: mostly 1.000 kg/m², in HD areas up to 2.000 kg/m²
  • Emergency plan according to escalation management and SLA with data center operator
  • Professional facility management 24 hour standby service

The golden rule: An uninterrupted power supply

  • Electrical connection with two monitored differential current 10 KV underground cables, redundancy N+2
  • AC USV with bridging time of more than 15 minutes (notably above the lead time of the emergency backup generator)
  • Concept with diesel generators, two feeds with 3200 A circuit-breakers respectively
  • Separate A/B bus bar system supplying critical and non-critical equipment
  • Separate power distribution units with respective A and B customer allocation, as well as C allocation
  • The power for the infrastructure components in the InterNetX Tier 3 Data Center is supplied 100% through hydropower. This is assessed and certified by TÜV-Süd (CMS Standard Generation EE+).

Reliable climate technology for your machines 

  • Climate control based on Blade Technology
  • "Proof of Concept" based on three fully equipped HP enclosures with respectively 16 Blade servers in a server cabinet with an electricity consumption of 9,4 kW/h
  • Air/cooling performance for basic setup, q0 > = 1000 W/m² as specific cooling performance per m² occupied area in equipment room, i.e. per footprint, on customer demand in HD areas up to 2000 W/m²
  • Air temperature control via air handling units (AHUs) meeting the requirements in IT rooms; constant air intake temperature in server cabinets
  • Innovative rack cooling system (rack water cooling) based on the basic principle of strictly dividing cold and warm air – optimally to keep up with technical developments and growing climate demands
  • Cold water piping made out of black steel pipes, i.e. welded PVC piping, system temperatures


Authenticated data security and quality of service

InterNetX follows international security standards. Reliable protection and expert hardware and software support are top priority at InterNetX, so you can fully rely on the certified security of our data center and on our competent technical service.

ISO/IEC 27001

Information is of strategic importance in the process of value creation. It is becoming increasingly important for companies to be networked globally. At the same time, the threat of data theft is ever present.

For this reason, effective management systems are needed to guarantee data protection that is both viable and economic. Acknowledged worldwide, the standard for information security management, ISO/IEC 27001, offers this protection and is implemented by the InterNetX data center.


The IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) lists best practices in IT service management (ITSM) and is an international standard for IT service features like setting up IT infrastructure procedures and structural organisation.

InterNetX operates along ITIL® guidelines, following the company handbook with respect to the central service desk, processing of service requests, as well as incidents and change requests.

RIPE - Réseaux Européens Network

RIPE, Réseaux IP Européens, is one of five Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) providing Internet resource allocations, registration services and coordination activities (IPv4/IPv6 addresses, AS numbers) that support the operation of the Internet.

The RIPE NCC (Network Coordination Center), located in Amsterdam, is a independent non-profit membership-based organisation. InterNetX is a member of "Réseaux IP Européens" (RIPE).