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Maximum flexibility with guaranteed SSD and RAM resources.
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The latest generation of InterNetX Cloud Servers offers guaranteed RAM and SSD resources – based on the award-winning InterNetX Reseller Cloud. This allows for a significant performance boost at a low price while offering maximum security.

You can configure the Cloud Server resources according to your individual requirements or alternatively choose from one of three predefined templates below. This allows you to customize your server performance – paying only for the resources you really need.



Our configuration suggestions:

We created the following resource templates for Mail, Data base and Web Servers based on our longstanding experience with business customers:

Managed Service:

OUR RECOMMENDATION: Use our Managed Service and let us take care of important maintenance, security updates and more. Find out more!

Mail Server

vCPU 3 x
SSD 150 GB
Traffic 1 TB
IP address1x IPv4/6
only 23,90 €1 / month

Web Server

vCPU 4 x
SSD 300 GB
Traffic 1 TB
IP address1x IPv4/6
only 42,90 €1 / month

Database Server

vCPU 4 x
SSD 200 GB
Traffic 1 TB
IP address1x IPv4/6
only 50,90 €1 / month


Performance & Flexibility

You can freely configure your Cloud Server according to your requirements or choose from one of three predefined resource templates.

No setup fee

Setting up your Cloud Server is free - a financial advantage that allows you to flexibly increase your server capacity according to growing requirements. 

No minimum contract term

All InterNetX Cloud Servers come without a minimum contract term. If the project requirements change, you can quickly adjust your resources accordingly.

Immediately ready for use

Order your cloud server conveniently through ISAC. After a successful order your server will usually be ready within 30 seconds!

SSD Caching

Frequently accessed data is stored on Solid State Drives (SSD). SSD feature a higher durability and faster response times compared to conventional hard drives.

KVM Virtualization

The full virtualization allows for a high flexibility when using different operating systems and guarantees highest security on shared hosting systems. 

Cloud Servers Features

The KVM virtualization employed for the Cloud Servers is a full virtualization, offering a particularly high level of security in the enterprise environment on shared host systems. The current version of CentOS 7 helps to ensure the maximum security for your Cloud Server.

Plesk 12.5 scores with a strong SecurityCore protecting your web content excellently. Thanks to the targeted optimizations in the operating system and with the Industry's number 1 administration panel your cloud server is extremely well prepared according to all security demands. 

With InterNetX Server Administration Center (ISAC), the free server management interface, you can easily manage your server products at InterNetX. It allows you to start, reboot and stop your Servers and to view up-to-date statistics. Together with Plesk 12.5 managing your Cloud Server has never been easier!

The InterNetX Server Administration Center (ISAC), a recently developed server administration interface, gives you a structured overview of your servers at InterNetX and lets you manage them efficiently. InterNetX customers can use it for free. Together with Parallels® Plesk 12 the administration of your Cloud Servers will be extremely easy and comfortable.

Customer-orientated and competent service is of utmost importance to InterNetX. We aim to deliver exactly what you require. That's why individual support is our top priority. Our friendly and proficient expert team is happy to support you on phone. In addition, you can send us an email. We will process your enquiry as soon as possible.

With InterNetX Cloud Servers you have full access to your server environment: You can login as a root super user via an SSH connection and install, configure and delete all packages. 

(except Managed Service products)

InterNetX follows international security standards and holds several certifications.  The InterNetX data center is certified with the TÜV seal ISO 27001, ITIL and LPIC. Reliable protection, expert hardware and software support are top priority at InterNetX, so you can fully rely on the certified security of our data center and technical service.

Find out more!

Solid State Drives (SSD) have a longer lifespan compared to conventional hard drives, because of their more robust mechanical build. Through the use of Flash and SDRAM, the SSD achieve higher speeds for the fast and efficient storage of large amounts of data. InterNetX Solid State Drives are used for SSD caching. Data, which is retrieved frequently is cached on SSD disks. Due to the fast response time of SSDs, I/O calls can be carried out more frequently and in a matter of seconds.

Benefit from the server location in Germany! Germany has one of the toughest data protection policies in the world. All Personal Cloud Servers are hosted in our ISO 27001-certified TIER 3 data center in Munich.

Your Cloud Server has its own fixed IPv4 and IPv6 address each. Through these IP addresses your server can be uniquely identified and reached. Our Cloud Servers are IPv6 ready and ready for the future.

Backups are essential security measures! You will receive 25 GB of backup space (FTP) for your own backups. This will allow you to store backups on your backup system, which is operated separately from the Cloud Server infrastructure.

Intuitive Server Management with ISAC 

ISAC, the InterNetX Server Administration Center, allows you to efficiently manage all InterNetX server products online and on the go.

White label ISAC interface

  • An own ISAC account can be provided for sub users/customers. Drag & drop the logo – the interface automatically adapts to the logo CI.

Customer management

  • Create customer data and invoices or access additional features such as statistics through ISAC and the integrated customer management.

Connection to AutoDNS

  • Link your ISAC account with AutoDNS and carry out zone adjustments directly in ISAC. You can place your PTR in realtime yourself, also without a connection to AutoDNS.

NEW: ISAC Mobile App

  • Use the free ISAC mobile app (available for iOS and Android devices) to comfortably manage your servers on the go!

Free callback service for you!

Our experts will call you at the chosen time and help you in any questions you may have.

Request Callback Service

Did you know?

InterNetX has been awarded the "Quality / Service" seal for its range of high-quality managed servers, by t3n, the renowned German magazine for digital business.

Any questions?

Get in touch with our domain sales team!
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+49 941 59559-483

Optional Services


You can choose between the following Monitoring services:
  • Monitoring Basic
  • Monitoring Professional
  • Monitoring Mail Services

Backup Space (FTP) / Backup Space (rsync)

Simply extend your backup space. You can upgrade to a higher package according to your needs. 

SSH Option (for Managed Service)

The SSH Option allows our Managed customers to execute the most important commands through an SSH console.

Additional IP addresses

You can order up to 4 additional IP addresses for the Personal Cloud Server. They can be used for SSL certificates, for instance.


With BackupMX, your emails will be stored for 72 hours in case of a mail server disruption.

MailProxy 2.0

MailProxy 2.0 is an efficient virus and spam filter, which is switched before a mail server to check incoming mails for viruses, spam and other malware in advance.

Our Recommendation: Managed Service

You can use our Managed Service for all InterNetX Cloud Servers. We will take care of important maintenance and essential security updates. Here is an overview about all Managed Service features:

Plesk 12.5
ISAC (InterNetX Server Administration Center)
1 IPv4/IPv6 address each
IPv6 ready
100 Mbit flatrate
No speed throttling
Daily Server Backup (rsync)
Backup Restore
Retention time3 days
Hardware monitoring
Monitoring system performance
Monitoring services
Email/SMS notifications
SUD - Software Update Service
Support during business hours (email/phone)
24/7 Emergency service in case of disruption
Monitoring Mail Services (ports, blacklist)€ 5,90 1 / month
SSH Option€ 9,90 1 / month
FTP Backup with longer retention timePrices on request
System migrationPrices on request

Your advantages at InterNetX

TIER 3 data center

Our data center in Munich has been running free from interference since more than four years. Thus, we can provide 100% availability.
Find out more!

Branded hardware

We only use hardware from established partners like Parallels, Intel, Citrix and other well-known brands.

24/7 support

Our multilingual support will gladly assist you in all your technical inquiries. Additionall, we provide you with a 24/7 emergency hotline.

Individual advice

Our server specialists will give you an individual consultation and develop a customized server solution to meet your business requirements exactly. 

Further Information about InterNetX Cloud Servers:

Your Cloud Server is hosted on a dedicated system. Your Cloud Server is sharing resources with other cloud servers on this system. This is often referred to as shared platform.

Like all InterNetX server products, the hardware for our cloud servers is hosted in our highly available TIER 3 data center in Munich, Germany. 

You can configure the hardware resources regarding vCPU, RAM and SSD according to your needs. In addition you have full root access and administration rights on your Cloud Server, giving you access to all possibly configurations provided by the installed applications. 

The Cloud Server is the perfect gateway to the world of virtual servers. The InterNetX cloud servers are a perfect match for small to medium-sized web projects, for which a simple shared hosting package does not offer enough performance and configuration options, while a dedicated system is clearly placed above the project requirements.

The InterNetX Cloud Servers are being hosted in the InterNetX data center in Germany. The data center is certified according to ISO / IEC 27001 and fulfills all requirements of a TIER 3 data center.

Conveniently manage your server through ISAC, the InterNetX Server Administration Center. It gives you a multitude of options such as

  • starting, stopping or restarting your Personal Cloud Server
  • traffic statistics
  • server administration
  • ordering additional products
  • and much more

You can log in at with your user data. You can find the ISAC app for iOS and Android in the respective app stores.

The InterNetX Cloud Server offers higher flexibility compared to conventional virtual servers. You can configure resources such as RAM or SSD according to your needs or even upgrade to a dedicated server.

The employed KVM virtualization ensures a full virtualization, which guarantees high security and many configuration options.

1 There is no minimum contract term. The period of notice for Personal Cloud Servers is 4 weeks to the end of the month.

All offers and prices are only available to business customers in terms of § 14 BGB and exclude legal VAT.