Basic SSL

InterNetX customers are receiving a free Basic SSL certificate for each domain managed through AutoDNS. Find out more and help us secure the Net!

BasicSSL powered by InterNetX & DigiCert

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Free encryption for everybody

Together with the security experts at DigiCert, the worlds leading provider of EV certificates, InterNetX is part of the "Encryption Everywhere™" initiative. Our goal is to make the Internet more secure for you and your customers and to achieve a blanket encryption by 2018. 

In order to achieve this big goal, all of our customers are receiving a free Basic SSL certificate for every domain managed with InterNetX. 

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In our everyday life we often transmit passwords, payment data and personal information in a matter of seconds to websites and online shops. Without an SSL encryption these data are vulnerable to misuse. Activate the Basic SSL option with just a few clicks in your AutoDNS account and secure your own website(s) and those of your customers.


Free SSL certificates are now part of the standard portfolio of modern Internet service providers and offer customers an easy gateway to the world of data encryption. This new basic encryption is an effective and specific way of introducing your customers to fee-based certificates, raising and strengthening their awareness for security. Basic SSL certificates can be easily scaled and upgraded to high-quality SSL certificates through our client-capable white-label domain management software AutoDNS with just a few steps.

Basic SSL: Benefits for resellers and customers

Free of charge

The basic SSL certificate is free for every domain managed through AutoDNS. This way InterNetX is helping achieve a blanket encryption of the Internet.

Browser compatibility

Basic SSL certificates are issued by DigiCert – the worlds' leading provider of online security. This guarantees a browser compatibility of nearly 100%.


Basic SSL certificates offer basic protection for websites. Upgrades to higher level certificates – such as those with a stricter validation process – can be carried out anytime. 


SSL secured pages increase visibility in search results. Encrypted websites benefit in Googles' search rankings. 

Green browser bar

A green browser bar has become the standard for company and e-commerce websites. It clearly indicates the website operator's focus on security. 

Customers want https://

Customers are specifically looking for hosting providers that offer free SSL certificates. Be a step ahead of your competitors!

Browser warning

The world's most widely used browser Google Chrome will start declaring unencrypted websites unsafe starting from Januar 1, 2017. Mozilla has been doing so since April 2015.


Activate Basic SSL with just a few steps in AutoDNS, the largest and most extensive domain management software for resellers and business customers.

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InterNetX customers receive free Basic SSL certificates for all domains managed through AutoDNS. It just takes a few simple steps:

  1. Log into your AutoDNS account, or get your free account here
  2. You can request a Basic SSL certificate for all managed domains in AutoDNS
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Basic SSL features 
FREE certificate for all domains managed at InterNetX
256 bit encyrption
DNS-based domain validation
Dynamic Site Seal
Issued in real-time
Nearly 100% browser compatibility
Upgrade to a higher level certificate any time


Basic SSL certificates are free for all domains managed through AutoDNS – get your free account now!

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Did you know?

An SSL certificate increases Google traffic because the "HTTPS" provided by the encryption improves your ranking in search results. Find out more...

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